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MedSpa in Garnet ValleyWith our new location here in town, Optimal Appearance is your destination for a MedSpa in Garnet Valley, PA. We opened our conveniently located facility on the Route 322 corridor in 2019, to better serve the residents of Garnet Valley, Media and Swarthmore suburban areas.

At Optimal Appearance, we are a professional medical aesthetic center, specializing in treatments and cosmetic services that improve your appearance and confidence. Our owner, Jennifer Sims, PA-C, is a certified Physician’s Assistant, and she has a wide variety of experience in medicinal fields. We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Pennsylvania.

Optimal Appearance offers multiple services for Garnet Valley area residents:

Botox. We can improve your facial appearance be removing frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet, with a ten minute treatment here in our facility. Optimal Appearance is one of a very small few medically supervised Botox centers in the Philadelphia area.

Supervise Weight Loss. We can design a medically supervised Clean Start Weight Loss program for you that can help you shed pounds and keep your new figure.

Laser Tattoo Removal. If you’re concerned about pain and scars in removing a tattoo, call us. We can remove your tattoo smoothly with our state of the art Quanta Italian laser system, used by the best professionals worldwide. Our Zimmer Cryo chilling device will keep your discomfort at a minimum.

Laser Skin Resurfacing. Optimal Appearance can help reduce your skin irregularities and wrinkles with our laser resurfacing. We’ve helped many patients see a clear reduction in wrinkles after our professional treatments.

With our new MedSpa in Garnet Valley, PA, we can now offer beauty services right here in your backyard, in an area underserved by the cosmetics industry. If you’re seeking expert Botox, laser treatments or tattoo removal, contact us today or use this form to request an appointment. Be sure to ask us about our specials and group discounts!