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MedSpa Near Chadds Ford, PAWith Optimal Appearance’s new facility in Garnet Valley, we’re perfectly convenient for residents seeking a MedSpa near Chadds Ford, PA. We opened our new location along the Route 322 corridor to better serve the western suburbs of Philadelphia, and we look forward to helping you look and feel better!

At Optimal Appearance, we are a professional center for medical aesthetics. We specialize in a variety of treatments that improve your appearance and your confidence. Jennifer Sims, PA-C, the owner of Optimal Appearance, is a fully certified Physician’s Assistant, and she is well experienced in multiple medical fields. We are fully licensed and insured in PA.

We offer high quality cosmetic treatments for Chadds Ford residents, including:

Botox. Optimal Appearance is one of a very small few medically supervised Botox centers in the Philadelphia area. In just a ten-minute treatment, we can reduce frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines on your face and help you look years younger.

Weight Loss. Need a plan to help shed the pounds and keep them off? Try our Clean Start Weight Loss program…we’ll help you achieve and keep your great new figure!

Tattoo Removal. We can remove your tattoos with minimal discomfort, using our state of the art Quanta Italian laser system. In addition to advanced laser treatment, our Zimmer Cryo chilling device will significantly reduce the discomfort and pain and smoothly remove your tattoos.

Laser Skin Resurfacing. We can help you get rid of unsightly wrinkles and irregularities with high end laser resurfacing. Many of our patients are thrilled with the reduction of wrinkles following our process.

At Optimal Appearance, we chose our location in Garnet Valley to better serve Philadelphia area residents in the underserved Western suburbs. Our brand new MedSpa near Chadds Ford, PA makes our beauty services available to you today! If you are seeking expert treatments from medically supervised experts, call us today or request an appointment online. Be sure to ask about our group discounts!