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Painless Laser Tattoo Removal In Delaware County, PA

We believe that laser tattoo removal should be performed by a medical professional and not just an esthetician. Optimal Appearance has invested in a cutting-edge Quanta, Italian laser system. This is one of the most versatile lasers available and is used by renowned professionals throughout the world. The Quanta machine is highly effective for a multitude of skin types and ink colors. As with any laser tattoo removal, patients typically will need multiple treatments to completely remove a tattoo. Pricing varies based on the size and position of your tattoo. Request a free -consultation to determine the price of your specific case.

See Our Painless Laser Tattoo Technology in Action

Tattoo Removal Pricing

  • Extra Small (< a quarter) $75/session
  • Small (< a 1/4 sheet page) $175/session
  • Medium (< a 1/2 sheet page) $250/session
  • Large (< a full sheet page) $325/session
  • Pain Free option +$25/session
  • Package: Buy 4 sessions Get 2 free if paid in full

Painless Laser Tattoo Removal Before & After Photos

Painless Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ:

How long will it take to remove my tattoo?

Many factors including skin type, tattoo layering, body location, ink colors, amount of ink and any pre-existimg scaring will affect the number of treatments needed, however it is not unusual to take more then a year to completely eliminate the ink.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Reported by many that it is a similar uncomfortableness feeling of having the tattoo originally applied. Optimal Appearance offers the Zimmer Cryo as a powerful chilling device to help reduce any uncomfortable feelings during the process.

Are there side effects to tattoo removal?

Most commonly one can see redness, tenderness, swelling, bruising, scabs and blistering; however these typically resolve within 1 week. Sometimes deepening one can experience either hypo or hyper pigmentation.