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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs in Delaware County, PA 

Optimal Appearance is a Clean Start Weight Loss program that is a medically supervised practice offering a hormone based weight loss program that helps you to lose weight and maintain results. With our medically supervised weight loss program, a licensed healthcare provider will complete a medical history and complete lab testing to ensure the Clean Start Weight Loss program will work for you! Over 80,000 people have successfully lost weight on this medically-supervised weight loss program and we are proud to be bringing it to the Philadelphia Suburbs.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Video

Clean Start Weight Loss Explainer Video from IAPAM on Vimeo.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Pricing

  • Initial Consult: FREE

  • Weight Loss Program: $249.99 – $499.99

  • MICC for Fat Burn

  • Lipo-Mino Mix for Fat Burn + Energy

  • Lipostat Plus

  • Healthy Lifestyle: $99.00/month

Clean Start Weight Loss FAQ:

Does Clean Start work?

The 43 day program reduced calorie diet paired with hormones helps to reset the hypothalamus – which then helps control metabolism. Up to 4000 calories/day can be burned of your own stored fat and spares muscle to avoid muscle wasting.

Will I be able to keep the weight off?

To keep weight off you need to change lifestyle, Optimal Appearance will help transition to you to a maintenance phase after we jump start your weight loss.

What will my diet look like during the diet?

This is a very strict 500 calorie diet mostly protein, fruits and vegetables without need of pre packaged food.